Had a sensation that was different

Hello! Ive been on my journey for about 3 years ish now and never had much happen besides the tensions of pulling the sphincter muscle and pc musle together.

Well last session i relubed twice and was using my helix syn. I dont live alone so i had my door closed and laying on the floor on the side of the bed. It got uncomfy so i squatted and put feet to where the tops of them are touching the floor and my chest is on the bed.

Then i did some light squeezes and held slightly. Then bam, i had this weird sensation that the aneros was moving on its own like it was auto fucking me. That lasted about a minute and happened 2 more times.

Unfortunatly i got uncomfortable in that position ans switched back to laying on my back and it didnt happen after that.

Anyone have any insight to this?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/ojs19f/had_a_sensation_that_was_different/


  1. Being in the right position is important. Everyone is different.
    Yes the toy is suppose to move. I would suggest doing kegels. Your PC and anal muscles need to be trained. Also it appears you are not rewired yet. Go to the learning section of Aneros. Lots of good info.

  2. I discovered changing positions is worth it.

    Sometimes even tuning on the belly would bring new sensations. Sometimes other movements.

    I even tried to do some yoga with my aneros – it’s recommended.

  3. Try to put a rather big pillow under your lower back when laying in bed. This way you’re arching your back the same way you did when you were next to your bed. I’m doing the same and it definitely moves the toy more toward my prostate….or….my prostate closer to the toy…whatever, it works!

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