Progasm degrading?

I’ve noticed my progasm has been cracking/chipping up and down the middle of it. It looks like chipping paint. Am I doing something wrong with this or is this just do to use and age? I’ve used mostly coconut oil and washed it with hot/warm water + soap after every use and dried it immediately. Anyone else experience this?



  1. I see the same thing on mine which is theProgasm Iceversion. I also have the Progasm Jr. but it seems to be fine. It seems to be just surface checkering but still worries me a little. Fortunately it still makes me nearly pass out so evidently the damage isn’t overly concerning. Been going to buy a 20th anniversary edition but haven’t as yet.

  2. I have bought my first Progasm early 2017 and it is still in perfect condition i would say. No cracks, no flaws. I exclusively use water based lube tho, as i don’t like the texture and consistency of silicone based ones. Also hate that stuff on my hands or skin as it feels like you just can’t get it of. For cleaning i also just use water and a bit of soap. How old is yours anyways?

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