Seen a Eupho trident on sale on amazon and thinking of getting it, but I have concerns about the toy itself and wandering if it’s worth it as a beginner.

So I’ve read quite a bit about Aneros toys, they’re highly regarded and popular but personally when it comes to sextoys (particularly anal toys) I am often concerned about the material it’s made out of and the shape for safety reasons. I know that ABS plastic is body-safe but I’ve also read about Aneros toys breaking, I don’t really know how strong ABS plastic is and given the thin design of the Eupho Trident particularly at the base and at the “arms” I’m concerned that it could break easily.

So just how strong is the ABS plastic and how likely is it that it will break? And would people recommend the Eupho for a beginner or should I get a different version and if so which one?



  1. No matter how hard I’d try imagine an aneros actually breaking, there is no way that happens. Especially not when just used for anal play. Maybe if you smash it hard onto the ground, but even that i doubt. I removed the handles from one of my Progasm toys, and lemme tell you that it was not easy. The material is really sturdy.

    I’m also very careful when it comes to toys safety, thus i regularly have doubts when using a glass toy, but even with those things i never had any issues.

    I’d say – don’t worry about it, or get one that is additionally coated with silicone. I believe the Helix models have such a coating

  2. I love the Eupho – I have the syn trident version. I had a classic Helix sitting in my draw that I bought years ago with no idea about dry prostate orgasms, the super O etc and I’d used it once or twice for traditional masturbation with prostate stim. After learning of prostate orgasms last year, I dug out the Helix Classic and had a few sessions with it. I got pleasure from it immediately but it was a bit aggressive for me. One of the aneros vets recommended the Eupho Syn as the smallest one with the smoothest/softest material and I love it. I was a beginner when I got it but I enjoyed it quite a lot from the start. Lots of pleasurable sessions since. A lot of people like white plastic ones and a lot of people don’t have pleasure from their first sessions, so I may be an outlier. YMMV as always, but the Eupho is great for me.

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