Great progression last few sessions.

I posted a few weeks back about my progress and believe something has clicked into place with regards to my rewiring and journey to nirvana.
I settled in yesterday for a session after abstaining from any self satisfaction for nearly a week and about an hour in I knew it was different as I was feeling more subtle sensations from my prostate. Almost as if it was reacting to been tickled, hard to describe.
Anyway, I have absolutely no issue getting and maintaining involuntarys and they have started leading to leg shaking, and occasionally groin thrusting and stomach shakes. This time I felt it in my face and head, shaking uncontrollably and that pressure in my head like when your straining for a dump. The shaking was pretty extreme with my whole body and a great feeling of a pressure building.
I think I was expecting it or chasing, trying to push it over the edge to what I believe would be an orgasm and it spoilt my stride so I rewarded myself with a traditional o
Does this sound like the precursors to a p.o?
Also I have read much about pwaves people experience but can someone tell me what they are and feel like please?



  1. When you start to feel extreme pleasure.. and you Butt starts clenching and sucks in the aneros, then you know unmistakably

  2. Just make sure you are clenching ever so slightly nothing hard.For me when I start having anal orgasms better things are on the way and I just need to get out of the way which can be hard.

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