After rewiring

Hello buds. Currently making progress but i have question about the rewiring or more accurately after the rewiring.
Lets say you rewired to the point of having regular orgasm with the aneros and aless. Does other things trigger spontaneous orgasm, like bumpy rode or touch to the skin that kind of stuff. I mean things not connected with the anus,penis or prostate.
Also do you feel a change in your sexuality in some way?
Do you notice any change to your mood and etc.?

Thank you guys 🤙



  1. Anything can trigger an orgasm once rewired. I find music and emotion or emotional events can set me off anytime. Arousal also can heighten multiple orgasms.

  2. No changes sex wise, mood is pretty good all the time. I also do semen retention. 10 to 15 days normally. Horny all the time. Life is good. Writing about it triggered one. 🙂

  3. I don’t know if it’s directly related, but sometimes I have a dry orgasm when I’m running. Nipples are sensitive as fuck. I don’t mind….unless I’m at the gym. That’s embarrassing. 😂

  4. I can sit on a park bench, concentrate on my prostate and get small, pleasurable blips. If I lay down on my stomach, I can get full on aneros-less (or aless) dry orgasms.

  5. While being rewired makes it easy to trigger pleasure, it’s not like it’s spontaneous. You (or at least I) have to mentally be in a place to bring that pleasure.

    Example: my nipples are triggers for sure. Sometimes driving down the road the seatbelt runs just right, enough so that I consciously think ‘ohh, that’s nice’. I then choose to focus on that nice, and enjoy it, or just move on in my thoughts, phone calls, musics, whatever.

    It doesn’t trigger a spontaneous reaction that I cannot control.

  6. This is somewhat common for me. I can sometimes be sitting in a chair at work and can get small waves of pleasure. It can happen driving as well. Especially in the morning after a previous session the day before. It can also happen when I’m doing light kegels during the day. Sometimes the involuntaries start up and feel pretty good. 😏

  7. i was sitting on the bus with a whirring engine and i started having pleasure waves hah

  8. A good session gives me a boost of energy and an upbeat attitude.I think part of that comes from the thought that I can do this over and over in the days ahead.

  9. I’ll start at the beginning. The less wet orgasms you have, the more sensitive you get. That’s the one thing that works universally. Everything else follows. Everything’s easier then. There’s a limit and there’s a limit in trying too hard.

    Also you don’t necessarily need toys to do that. Some may stand in the way even, in my experience bigger or more active ones might make you feel something for a bit but they’re driving the real thing away. Same goes for porn, it can get you started but it can get distracting. The best dry orgasms I got was just by myself, relaxed in a bed while it came naturally, it’s like there was something already triggered in me and I just acknowledged that it’s going to happen.

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