Can you move the aneros with your hands?

I get that the point of the toy is too move it with your contractions but I’m really struggling to feel anything that way. It just kinda feels like a butt plug. If I put it in and gently move it back and forth using my hand to move the toy would it still work/could I give myself prostate orgasms that way?



  1. Sure you can move it with your hands.. but if you sit up on the tabs, and wiggle (not the group) around /up & down that will help you move it… squeeze and release… squeeze and release… wiggle… you’ll get it… practice will make perfect… DO the Work! Cheers Mate…

  2. The aneros is very much a mental game. You really have to just focus on all the small things you feel.

  3. I used one hands free for the first time for a few hours today. Once you get the hang of it, you can feel it thrusting and rotating inside of you.

    If I’m trying to bust a strong nut in 8 minutes in one of my Fleshlight Girls, I’m still going to wiggle the Aneros with my hand.

  4. Sure you can.

    If you’re like me the issue is that you’re a little too tight.

    Try lubing yourself where the tabs hit. That will help them move around freely.

    Lube the toy and insert it. Take it out slowly.

    Lube it again and repeat. I do this three times.

    Also, get a lube shooter. Put about a half an inch of your lube in and shoot it into you just past your sphincter.

    Use a good lube, not too thick. I use coconut oil, but really I would like something thinner. The oil is best however for long sessions, and my sessions are usually two or more hours.

    The trick is to loosen up and relax. This will help you feel the toy. Odds are it’s working but you’re too tense to feel it.

    Do some deep breathing as well, it helps because it both relaxes you and moves your pelvic floor muscles which will help jump start your session.

    Good luck!

  5. I’ve moved my MGX around with my hands a few times, and I’d say it was good for getting the glow/tingles to flare up for a second if I was losing them. Any prolonged movement, in my experience, totally overrides those sensations I’m looking for and just feels kind of uncomfortable. The Aneros isn’t a dildo, after all.

    You know that “just like a buttplug” feeling you’re getting? That’s what you want to focus on. Here’s a random list of questions to ask yourself that will help you do that (in no particular order).

    * How does it feel like a butt plug?

    * Where? How intensely or faintly?

    * Is there more pressure in a particular spot?

    * Do you start to notice your heart beat is making your prostate throb against the toy?

    * What does your outer sphincter area feel like compared to your rectum and prostate and penis?

    * Is there any blood rushing anywhere?

    * When you breathe, how does it feel to have your diaphragm push down against the toy?

    * How does it feel when you lightly (I mean *barely*) clench different pelvic floor muscles?

    * Are you aroused?

    * What arousing thoughts or memories come to mind?

    * Is your arousal making your lower abdomen feel any different?

    If you haven’t tried mindgasm yet, that’s also a really good tool to use. Good luck.

  6. Of course you can. But these prostate massagers are not meant to be handled with the hands. The best results, the most intense orgasms are achieved through subtle movements caused by the sphincters and internal muscles of the prostate area. Once the chain reaction has started, and the orgasms begin to flow, the movements will become more important but still without hands.
    Moreover, not handling the massager with the hands avoids possible injuries.

  7. I’ve resigned to the fact that I have to move it with my hand. Been doing this for quite a ling time w no progress. When I move it, I’m starting to learn the signals on what sensations it causes and hoping that when I go back to just having your body move it, I can get to at least a p wave or super o

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