Just bought the Aneros Vice 2 and now I’m worried I broke it.

Okay so I got the Aneros Vibe 2 in a store and was so exited to use it I decided to start charging it in my car. Well anyway I plugged it into one USB port and I didn’t notice if it was charging or not. Then I plugged it into a different port and it started vibrating like crazy and the little led was solid. I tried to turn it off but the button wasn’t doing anything. Then I plugged it back into the other port and a solid white led comes on which is supposed to mean it’s fully charged but when I try to turn it on with the button nothing happens.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/oqfa3d/just_bought_the_aneros_vice_2_and_now_im_worried/

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