1. I use a lube shooter to get some thicker water base lube in there. Usually don’t have to coat the Aneros since most gets pushed off when you insert it anyways. Can also slide the lube shooter back in if you need more with the Aneros still in. (I prefer to take out then reinsert but to each their own)

    Can always use coconut oil, solid form, and push a few pieces inside. Body temp will melt it.

  2. Two drops of lube the size of a hazelnut will do the job for me.

    First drop, spread it on the toy with a finger then insert the toy and take it out.
    Second drop, spread it on the toy then start playing.

    This is enough for me.

  3. J-lube is great as a water based lube. It’s a powder that you reconstitute so you can make the viscosity you prefer. Thicker is better for anal play.

  4. Sliquid Silk, thick and long lasting. Just a few drops does the trick, spread it out and it stays slick

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