My Super-O experience and tips

I’m typing this mere minutes after having the most intense orgasm of my life, even now my body is twitching and contracting in pleasure able aftershocks. It started as a normal session, I decided to up my dose of weed for this one and hadn’t ejaculated in the last 3 days. I watched porn for an hour beforehand then listened to asmr with my aneros in, getting the tug-o-war started. I kept clenching too hard so decided to try and keep my clench at a constant 80% after taking a whiff of amyl. This time I came, dry, the waves emanating from my P-spot and added sensitivity helped after that. I came another 6-8 times repeating that method, each getting more pleasurable. Then the 9th or 10th time I switched to a dildo and when i felt the special spot with it i rubbed it firmly, thrusting a centimetre at a time. I orgasmed, but this time when I felt the start of orgasm rack me it happened not once but 5-6 times, rapidly. Then I couldn’t do anything but writhe on my bed as multiple orgasms flooded my body, it felt like my entire body was orgasming, like fireworks of pleasure bursting everywhere, bouncing around. I was convulsing for a good 30+ seconds and then ley there twitching, still feeling the pleasure echo through me. I then finished my self of with masturbation and came for another minute, cum pouring out my dick, feeling like I’m peeing cum it was the best I’d ever felt from masturbation too.

So what’s my lesson to people who want to experience this?

1. Use Amyl if you stop feeling p waves and before going for an orgasm

2. Keep your clench constant during Involuntary contractions

3. Don’t force the orgasms just enjoy the feeling of the aneros

4. Use a decent amount of weed, i did 20% more than usual for this

5. Try switching to different toys after using the aneros

6. Arouse yourself (I used asmr, porn and nipple play during this)

7. Go through the clenches steadily, keep your body calm when possible.

8. Let the involuntary clenches happen, I found after my 4th orgasm they’d happen

a lot faster and I could get past them in a second or so to the orgasm

9. Brace yourself, I still feel the waves echoing through me.

I made an alt account just to post this, take my advice and get ready, it’s gonna be thrilling!



  1. Congrats! How long have you been practicing p play before you got this point?

  2. “Still feeling the pleasure echo”

    Love that wording, that’s exactly what it feels for me after a good session. Almost as if the memories come back and initiate a sort of orgasm.

  3. The afterglow from a Super O session is truly wonderful.. I find relaxing post session brings on whole body slow pulsing aless orgasms that slowly fade into lovely mini Os with these continuing for many hours… its… unreal compared to a penile ejaculatatory O…
    Good write up thanks OP…

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