What is a p-gasm?

Wanted to ask this group to get a better understanding on what a p-gasm/p-wave. I had a major breakthrough today. Today was my 3rd day in a row getting back into playing with my collection of aneros massagers: eupho, helix trident, and Maximus. It’s been about 2 months or so since I had played with any of them but have been practicing kegels trying to get “aless p-waves” but no progress or body shaking feelings. When I play I put the massager in a condom filled with lube (only this time I used water and silicon) and “twist” the condom opening to keep the lube in the condom. I think that this method allows the aneros to move freely in the condom. And then lube the outside of the condom for insertion. Using eupho and trident didn’t yield any results but I did start manually trying to activate my prostate so that I can be on a look out on what it feels like but not much progress. My two sessions were about 1.5-2 hours. However, today I used the Maximus. Session was about 3 hours. First 2 hours yielded nothing except for a good feeling full. Third hour was what I think was a breakthrough. The feelings were at times I felt like peeing, other times I felt a tingling feeling deep down in my center, other times I felt like I was on the verge of a traditional penile orgasm but always on the edge. Question to this group, does a p-gasm involve the same muscle contraction response like a penile orgasm? Every now and then, I would get the “body shivers” and fluttering. But didn’t have the whole kegel and body contractions like a normal orgasm. Without a doubt I really “bathed “ in the feelings and felt like I could go on forever. Any perspective from the experienced folks?

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  1. It’s a real orgasm, with the whole pelvic contractions thing and pleasure. As a penile orgasm, you’ll know when you get one. It seems you got close.

    Ps.: I had a few p-gasms (noob here), but 5-10 seconds ones, never a super-O

  2. First, you may not be rewired completely. You will know when you orgasm and a few seconds later start to ejacuate. The feeling is different then normal penis orgasm. There is no stress relief. In time you will prefer prostate orgasms over penis orgasms. The pleasure will continue to increase over time. Even today I learn or feel something new that is different and so exciting.
    A p wave is a pleasure wave that you feel across your body that will build most times into a prostate orgasm.

  3. To me it sounds that you’re vey focused on where you go, it’s understandable. I think you’re describing a mix of results directly connected to agitating of the prostate and other nerve endings. If you could only stop worrying and enjoy it for what it is then it could get you closer. That said, I personally avoid toys and prostate stimulation as I feel that it clouds my view of the whole state of events – I do enjoy a plug for a short while or better yet some momentary sphincter stimulation.

    I really dislike calling it orgasm, regular orgams has one thing that others don’t – squirting out the semen, that’s the end of the line. Orgasm involves short extreme high and a refractory period. Everything else can be repeated up to hours and then again (some limitations apply, especially if you make yourself sore). There are various things happening and all of those are shared, so yes, there are things that happen just like penile-orgasm. Even if you’re not aware that it happens (or can happen) with penile stimulation. They can happen hands-free, toy-less and without any direct stimulation but also can happen by anal, prostate play, edging and ruining (if done successfully).

  4. P-gasms can feel different (but don’t have to) and aren’t exactly the same like traditional penile orgasms. There is similarities. But what you described definitely fits the bill. And p-waves are just experiencing pleasure which you definitely have done.

    You definitely are on the right path. Remember that tingling feeling. It was key for me to get hfwo’s (really try to avoid these because of refactory period) , hfdo and one 28 minute long super o. Focus on the tingling try to keep it consistent. Focus horny thoughts on it.

    For my super o I had the exact same feeling of the edge of having a penile orgasm. But instead of trying to go over the edge I tried to keep it going longer at the same intensity. It naturally got stronger, in fact I mentally tried to resist it on purpose which had the opposite effect of ratcheting intensity up.

    Honestly, from what you’ve described you might of had some mini-os with few dry-os without realizing it.

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