Afraid of using a (MGX) Syn – does it break easily?

I have quite a few of Aneros’ products and am interested in getting the MGX Syn – as the normal MGX is my favorite.

But considering measurements are the same the plastic unterneath the silicon should be quite flimsy when it comes to the arms… so I’m afraid that the arms would snap off – worst case scenario both of them, making a visit to the ER necessary. Because how else would you get that torpedo out again without injuring yourself. And considering the Syn would be – by far – the most expensive one… I don’t know.

What’s you guy’s experience with the Syn line, is it prone to break or just as sturdy as the normal ones?

(I tend to insert it, then sit down on the bed and lay down. So there is a moment I’m sitting on it, even though it’s not on a hard surface.)



  1. I mean I probably wouldn’t sit on it if there’s a way you can avoid that. I have the MGX syn and the Eupho Syn and I don’t think there’s any chance of either breaking from normal usage

  2. I bought one a couple of months back and it is as sturdy and high quality as all of their products.

  3. On my Helix Syn the arms are flexible like silicone, so they’re very unlikely to break.

    I’ve ridden it, even wore it in the car a couple of times no worries.

  4. I’ve only broken a Progasm Ice. The material is very durable, but the K-tab still gave out *after* use. I was cleaning the fucking thing.

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