How to get over the edge?

Hi, beginner user here. Around 40-50 minutes after relaxing and very light contractions I start to get pleasurable feelings. I feel like I’m about to explode they get stronger and stronger but nothing mind blowing. I get these feelings and feel pressure in my dick like I’m about to cum. But soon after the feelings vanish and I can’t get them back. I’ve tried to relax once I feel them but they still leave. Any help to get over the edge?



  1. To just focus on your main question: this might sound weird but the only way over the edge is by understanding and accepting that there is no edge. Stop looking and you’ll reach new highs that you never experienced before. You might have experienced what that edge might be, as you have masturbated the traditional way, this edge leads to ejaculation and it’s done. With prostate play there is no distinct point where you get “the peak”, there are multiple peaks that rise in intensity the more you practice. Once the intensity reaches a certain level, you might want to call that a super-o. Stop comparing it to jerking, because it aint jerking.

  2. Also give the “do nothing” method a go. Don’t try and do any contractions, they will come naturally. Just relax and think of all the feelings you are experiencing

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