Finally getting somewhere! Here’s what worked for me!

I finally made a huge milestone today! I had several dry orgasms back to back for hours then I had the start of what I think are super Os.

I had been trying this for over a year but have only until recently been consistent (twice a week practice, 2 hour sessions roughly) before I would touch my dick when I’d be frustrated and saw no progress and thought that would hinder my progress but for some reason it didn’t. Earlier today I had a 2 hour long session, using the do nothing method. By do nothing I mean the first 20 minutes just sit there and don’t do anything, no contractions, just breathing. After that I do light contractions with my anus (the muscle you use to pinch off a poop) they were about 20-40 percent strength, then I would do light contractions with my dick (the muscle that cuts off the stream of pee) around 20-40 percent strength until I would almost reach a balance and I’d try to hold both light contractions in place, DON’T let your body tense up all the way and fully contract, that is not how you reach it. I held contractions for about 10 seconds until my body told me it’s time to calm down and try again in a couple seconds.

After holding the contractions hovering around that percentage I would notice they’d start quivering and shaking on their own. I would relax slowly and let go of my manual contractions and realize they’re doing the twitching involuntarily. I would relax and focus on this twitching feeling over and over and they would start to build up and feel stronger after I kept doing them in the session, making my body feel a little tingly and warm. Nothing amazing like an orgasm but just a nice wave of light pleasure. Keep practicing this and you’re going to get stronger at holding the partial contractions and you’ll be able to keep it going for longer.

Anyway the first time I got this kind of progress I finished my session by jacking off and taking the toy out afterwards and thinking I’ll do this again in a couple days, maybe I’m getting closer. Later that day I got really high and went to hang out with friends at a pool. Unfortunately I didn’t realize my prostate by that point was awakened by the body high I was feeling and it just starts quivering like it did at partial contractions earlier that day. I try to do the same contractions at 20-40 percent and I just start having dry orgasms one after another. I’m in the pool trying to hide my erection and squirming around while my friends just think I’m acting weird because I’m so high. It was hilarious and awesome.

Later that night I rush to get home and put the aneros back in for round 2 (I did a session + regular ejaculation earlier that day) and immediately it’s throbbing and begging to go in. I insert it and calm myself down, I’m still like 5 percent high at this point. I remember the advice of letting the twitching happen and to not control it. I melt into my bed and keep having dry orgasms over and over for at least an hour. The more I manually relax myself the better it feels. You have to focus on the feeling of your prostate twitching and let it do whatever it wants to you. I had to manually calm down my glutes and abs and chest several times because the more tense they became the less intense the prostate orgasm felt. I tried to see if manually calming down my prostate area would work but it seemed to make the orgasm subside, so try focusing on calming your entire body down so it doesn’t get tense EXCEPT for your prostate, let it run wild and twitch and throb and tense up.

Doing this while focusing on melting into the feelings made my whole body feel like it was buzzing and it would reach my head and brain and for a split second or 2 I would have what I think was a super o. I lost complete control of my body and was trying to be quiet because of people at home, I held my breath and the shaking made me sputter short breaths out pretty loudly.
It was intense.

The day after my prostate was just throbbing and as much as I want to try again I heard you can overwork it so I’m going to try again another day so it’s not burnt out and I can reach super O land again.

That’s my rant. Sorry it’s so long, I just wanted to be thorough on what I felt and what I focused on because others are so vague saying do nothing but light contractions but don’t specify how hard, how long, etc.


* 2 hour long sessions
* Make sure you’re very horny before you do a session
* Light 20-40 percent contractions of anus and penis muscle until your dick is twitching then hold it until it becomes involuntary
* Getting high helps calm your body down enough to get into multiple orgasms from that twitching feeling
* If you’re feeling the orgasms building up then remember to release tension from all of your body (glutes, abs, chest, etc) except the prostate, let it twitch and squirm how it needs

If you have any questions I’ll try answering specifically what worked or what I did.



  1. Could u tell how to seperate these two muscles? I mean kegel and anus. I can only twitch em both at the same time. Thx for advices, this technique is very similar to tug od war.

  2. Very good advice.

    Once I get deep into a session and into a super O, I can’t even tell what the aneros is doing, if I’m contracting, if I’m shaking, I’m in relaxed. It just becomes part of your body.

  3. Also for alot of people. Bad news is that weed makes the sessions 100x better. If anyone has not tried weed and is able too…. give it a shot…

    Many of the feelings you already feel are what you are meant to feel on the way to the super O. The weed just enhances these and makes it goddamn amazing.

    When I first put the aneros in sober, ok this feels ok….
    When I first put the aneros in on weed, I’m already grabbing the blanket and breathing heavy.

  4. What position were you on the bed? Laying on you side, back, or stomach?

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