Lots of newbies here, I love it! Read this:

Love seeing so many of you exploring the magical prostate side. Hope my experience can help some of you to achieve the famous super Os:

It took me about 1 full year to achieve it, but one thing you guys need to keep in mind is that super Os are part of a process. Call it rewiring if you want, I just don’t stick to the labels. You guys definitely need to pay attention to how your body responds to it. The phases, such as shaken legs, tense pelvic area, deep involuntary breathing are all paths to the super O. I see a lot of you saying here: “oh, I think I’ve gotten there!” There’s no “I think”. When you get to get a super O, trust me, you and your whole body will know.

My recommendation is: RELAX! insert the Aneros on you and clear your expectations. Clear your mind! Explore (gently) your nipples, forget about porn (it’s often a distraction).

Concentrate on your body and have fun! It may be a long journey but I guarantee, it’s 10000 worth the wait.
Soon your legs will be up, your body will be shaking involuntary and the Aneros will be throwing you around just like there’s a magical energy inside of you ready to burst out.

Enjoy the ride!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/oyr2rn/lots_of_newbies_here_i_love_it_read_this/


  1. Nice post! Do you usually play with the aneros (by contracting it) or just relax and dont move it at all and wait?

  2. Kinda like 55 yrs ago when my older cousin was telling me about his first jizz ,he said when it happens you will know.

  3. I should’ve posted here the other day, but this post helped me a lot! You were absolutely right about knowing, because boy did I know! I was just trying it, and had a mild super O, but not the same as the other day. Probably not masturbate for awhile before my next session. Anyway, thanks for all the help;

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