Great session – slowly getting there..

Yesterday, I was feeling in the mood, installed the Aneros Helix Trident and put on some binaural beats.

I relaxed, did some nipple play, and within a few minutes, I started feeling tingles and muscle shaking.

Fast forward 30 minutes, and I was a shivering mess. Not orgasming, exactly, but involuntary shaking all over, and the Aneros was – for lack of a better word – going on almost full auto mode. It felt amazing. Not Super-O, I am quite sure (not that I’ve had any yet), and not fully up to speed with a penile orgasm either. But the prostate was pulsing a bit and I definitely did not want it to stop. Pleasurable and intense.

Tried to relax into the feelings, and every time they subsided, it was possible to restart a new “cycle” after a few minutes of deep breathing, light contractions and a bit of nipple play. Kept going for far too long and I feel quite tired today.

Anyway: No drugs/weed/poppers, and the beats was from YouTube, creator is called SSEM Binaural-sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation (look it up). Lots of playlists, and it really worked (for me at least). Kept my hands off the hardware at all times – and did not finish, either.

I feel that I am finally moving in the right direction.

Thanks for all the tips in this forum, BTW 👍🏻

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  1. Its hard to relax when you have a tiger by the tail so to speak.Just let yourself be turned on by the fact you have very little control over what is happening.There is a lot of research into the design of these things.The pleasure you feel is happening because of all the little curves which are meant to cause chaos and confusion in the anal canal and prostate.Relax and enjoy.

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