Some crazy as p wave or somethin

I used the aneros again last night. And it was the most intense session Ive had. I didn’t get any orgasms from it but I got a lot of intense pleasure which is good.

I was like 2 hours in I felt myself twitching and shaking like crazy, breathing hard af, my muscles where squeezing hard and then relaxing then squeezing again, this happens fast it all happening on its own. My body was super tired. And waves of pleasure going across my whole body, I was seriously dripping wet. It was like 5 mins of constant hard twitching and faded over 10 mins or more. I tried to relax but my body just wanted to twitch. This felt soo good.

But what interest me the most was that I just couldn’t stop moaning, I just couldn’t help but moan so goddam loudly, I was embarrassed hoping nobody heard me. I’m usually a quiet guy, but this helix trident is a dangerous weapon which caused me to go absolutely wild. I’m almost a little afraid but excited to use it again.

I think I got to this point by abstaining for 1 or 2 days, the night before I used the aneros but decided to not masturbate traditionally, this helped. But last night I was too horny after the aneros and I broke the 2 day streak. I think if I kept abstaining even after using the aneros for longer, then maybe I can finally reach an orgasm


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  1. Wow that sounds awesome, were you moaning from the pleasure? Cause to me that sounds like it might be orgasm haha

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