In right now, advice?

I have it in right now (the trident syn, typing this on my phone). It’s been about an hour and here’s what I’ve felt:

1. A subtle “shaking”, very faint but continuous through my whole lower body. My legs aren’t actually physically shaking around or anything, just a very subtle continuous shaking/tensing.

2. A few times I managed to get in this weird headspace and my whole pelvis began to tingle, but I lost it each time.

3. After being tense for a while, I intentionally relaxed my sphincter and pc and got a wave of chills/little tingles. Haven’t been able to replicate it.

4. Generally, intentionally cleching doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

5. Once or twice the shaking got more intense in my glutes and legs, but nothing else happened.

It feels like I’m slowly experiencing intensity in waves that are many minutes long. I’ll have 10 minutes or so where I feel basically nothing, then my body will start to shake a little and I’ll have some tingles, then nothing.

I understand how you gotta relax and not expect anything. The way I udnerstand it it’s almost like a dreamstate? Am I not relaxing enough? Am I relaxing too hard / focusing too much on trying to relax.

I intend to leave the device in for another hour or so. Ima try to relax again and check back here later.



  1. Just enjoy the ride in the sense let the car drive you and not you driving the car. It is impossible to rationally understand the mechanics and the interdependence of the engine and transmitter but so many drive a car and that is because of intuition. So just focus on the present bro I hope it was helpful and not too much woo woo

  2. Your issues are #3 and #4. You would have had an O had you not created so much tension in your pelvic floor. No one can tell you how to relax. How does one focus on relaxing? Relaxation is a state of being. It has nothing to do with being in a state of dreaming. Adding time to your sessions will not necessarily help you either.

  3. What position are you in? On my back bum on a pillow legs bent with feet flat works best for me. I’ve also found that if I want to force another wave I can sometimes by spreading my cheeks, although I’m not sure if I did that before managing to get it to work for me.

    Just noticed when this was posted, hope your not still waiting 🙂

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