Fitment Question (Possibly Too Big?)

Ugh, this is gonna sound like a weird question but I suppose that’s what we’re here for, right?

Been working at sessions and such and as part of that, I cut out masturbation. Needless to say, I’m fairly “full” and easily aroused. Sometimes I’ve been putting the toy (Helix Syn) inside and just going about my day at home, to become more comfortable with it. Something I’ve been finding though is that I tend to dribble a lot immediately *after* I take it out, but not during. Same goes for bowel movements. If my prostate is full, I don’t feel much *during* the bowel movement, but it’s immediately *after* I’m done that I get that pleasurable leaking sensation.

Admittedly I sometimes have trouble with physical comfort while the toy is inside during a session; it seems easier to relax all my muscles when nothing’s in. The fact that I’m getting leakage when pressure is relieved from my prostate, be it removal of the toy or after a bowel movement, makes me wonder if this is a clue as to the size of the toy, and whether I need something smaller and more precise. Can you shed any light on this, be it with personal experience or experimentation? Thanks for the help!


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  1. I really don’t know if it’s a size issue or something else. The Helix is supposed to be the right choice to start with. You can always try another model, the Eupho for example. Or even a Peridise. Or, another solution would be to do sessions without a massager (A-less) and see what happens.
    Good luck!

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