I’m soo sorry guys but I have to post again

I just got an orgasm without the aneros and it happened during the day in my chair!

I was feeling horny the whole day, so I thought of training my pc muscles. I’m surprised but I felt a lot of pleasure just doing this, so I kept going and going and going.

I was breathing hard and my body was twitching but I had to keep it discreet. I was also moaning, but I had to keep it extremely low, this was my biggest struggle. The same p waves came over me many times until it just became way too intense, the moaning just got louder and louder, I seriously had to keep it down real bad, I think that my brother might have heard, and maybe even my dad 😓 this went on for maybe 30 minutes of constant pleasure.

I was light headed and my body was exhausted, I was surprised coz when I looked down I didn’t realise my pants were completely wet like a puddle, I was like wtf? I needed to change my pants straight away.

Still can’t believe that even happened, this aneros journey just keeps getting better and better. My brain feeling kinda numb too

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  1. Awesome! Your body and mind have opened up to new pleasure and letting if flow freely. Drink it and and enjoy!!

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