A few questions

So lately I’ve been thinking about sessions that work better, and I noticed that the best ones are when I get home from work and shower before I try it out. When I’ve done it on my days off, it never really seems to happen. A lot of people say bathing helps, and I was wondering what it is that puts you in the mood.

Also, kind of personal, but does being a bottom help? I’m a bottom, and so the thought of something in me is always a nice feeling. Does having that type of personality make it easier to go with the sensations?

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  1. Being a bottom doesn’t matter. The shower probably relaxes you. Being able to relax and think of something that raises your arousal is a must. Also breathe thru your nose and exhale thru your mouth. A good water base labe is a must.
    Good luck

  2. Is all about the relaxation, maybe a shower also helps you to de-stress. I think stress is the biggest hindrance for me.

    I don’t think being a bottom makes a difference, except to whatever extent the individual has hangups about something being inserted. That goes back to the stress / relax comment above.

  3. Worrying about sexuality, or anything else for that matter, certainly doesn’t help.

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