Anal Bliss

Yesterday I had an amazing session, starting out with my trusty MGX in a seated position. I had smoked some weed, and had a fresh bottle of poppers at hand. Once I started getting some good p-waves I switched to riding my 8” suction cup dildo doggy style. This dildo has a prostate positive curve, and hits the p-spot perfectly.

I can get two very distinct types of orgasm when riding the dildo. If I go shallow and find my p- spot with the tip I can generate multiple prostate orgasms by just holding the dildo steady on the spot. The curve of the dildo maintains pressure on the prostate, and yesterday it felt like I could just keep having orgasms until I moved the dildo off the prostate. They were coming one after another.

The second type of orgasm is what I am calling an anal orgasm. This happens when I bury the dildo balls deep to the sigmoid curve. When I do this, especially after a hit of poppers, I trigger an intense orgasm where my entire rectum spasms and clenches down, so I can feel the entire length of the dildo being squeezed.

In yesterday’s session I felt like I could just keep going forever, switching off between p-spot and deep anal orgasms at will. Both types were so powerful that I was moaning and screaming uncontrollably into a pillow. I finally just ran out of time and had to stop.



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