DeVice reviews?

Howdy. Been looking into buying an Aneros possibly. My search began with looking for a good anal plug and I eventually read a few reviews of DeVice which seems like a plug with added benefits. But finding more on DeVice is proving to be a challenge and I’m thinking that maybe DeVice is not as good as other Aneros products. Anyone have an endorsement of DeVice?



  1. I have one. It’s not bad, but it isn’t my go to. It’s still pretty firm, but has the softness the syn toys have with regards to friction on the skin. I would say it is somewhere between my Progasm and MGX. Progasm is nice and big with little movement while the MGX gets more movement due to its narrower base. The DeVice is between the two making it a jack-of-all-trades. I mainly use my DeVice in conjuction with my percussive massager since the silicone is a little more gentle when the toy is being rocked at high RPMs.

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