First timer: Trident MGX or Helix?

Hi all. I know these questions are asked a lot, but I was curious to hear some thoughts on the choice between Trident MGX and Helix.

I’m a beginner, only experimenting with my finger so far.

I like the idea of the MGX supposedly gently stroking and building up sensation, as I also enjoy frenulum masturbation and nipple stroking which seem similar to it in terms of building up pleasure slowly.

On the flipside, many seem to describe the Helix as something you leave in and it’ll just do its thing, which sounds nice too.

Are these assessments accurate, because overall I’m leaning to the MGX because it seems that although it may take more effort to use it’ll result in better experiences for me ultimately.

Thoughts? Thanks for your time if you read and/or reply



  1. Technically you leave both in and either “do nothing” or you kickstart involuntary muscle contractions with some kegels. The difference is in the shape.

    I haven’t tried the MGX personally, but I started with the larger programs because it was on the shelf at my local toy shop. I had to order the Helix because I didn’t have enough muscle control to use the program. Most sites I’ve looked at recommends starting with the Helix.

    Hopefully others will comment later but there’s plenty of product comparison reviews out there. Also think there a few things at the top of this subreddit if you search for top by all time.

  2. I don’t have any experience with the Helix but I started with the MGX Syn.

    At first, I found it to be pretty reasonable, and I was able to blow past a lot of the beginner milestones within several sessions. A few months later, however, I think that the pressure is a bit too aggressive on my prostate, (MGX is a little pointier where it hits your prostate, Helix is flatter) especially when I am trying to soften my awareness and relax to invite more subtle sensations. This is even with the soft silicone arms of the Syn!

    Also, I’m not sure if it’s just that my pelvic floor is too tense or what, but I do have a bit of an issue with letting go of the aneros; it wants to stay further in, even when I am trying to relax my sphincter. I dunno how much of that has to do with the shape.

    Whatever you decide, you can look at it as an investment for longer term payoff – and down the line, if the aneros has been good to you and you want to try a different model, it’ll probably be worth it to grab a second one.

  3. Yep, same here. Made a lot of early progress with my MGX. But now it’s a little bit too aggressive with the contact on my prostate. I still use it and enjoy it but I now get better results with my Helix trident and my Eupho. For what it’s worth my smallest toy ( the Eupho ) gives me the most pleasure and moves the best on my prostate. This seems to buck the bigger is better notion. If I were to recommend one to start with I would say go with the Helix trident. You can start with the MGX but you’ll probably want to switch to the Helix trident in the future. The Eupho seems to be geared towards more advanced users. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  4. I have a regular Helix, Eupho and MGX trident. I’ve had multiple dry orgasms from the MGX and a few very infrequent ones with the Eupho, but the Helix is by far the worst for me. I find that it doesn’t move enough and the “broad flat sort of pressure” it applies gets tiresome after 20-30 minutes of use. On the other hand, the MGX can go an hour or two.

  5. Having used both, I honestly don’t think it will matter much. Just pick one and go with it. Eventually if you like it you’ll probably end up getting another model at some point. If I absolutely had to pick, I’d probably pick the Helix but not the syn version. This is by a slim margin though so don’t let it sway you.

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