Nipple awakening and a wall…

I have been experimenting with alternative orgasms for about two years now. It started with wanting to cum from anal, then learning and experimenting with aneros toys (and my purewand) trying to achieve higher levels of orgasm for longer periods and multiple times per session. I have amazing feelings, up to and including what I would consider multiple prostate orgasms (not what I would consider super-Os). Along with continuing success in both those realms I discovered the joys of masturbating with my nipples to (originally) enhance the prostate experience, but more and more I find myself having sessions where I don’t even grab any toys and focus only on my nipples.

I have fantastic feelings from toying with my nips, achieving multiple (2-3) non-ejaculatory orgasms that are accompanied by torrents of precum. The feelings I get are super pleasurable, and I enjoy them for enjoyments sake, but want to break through the barrier to having ejaculatory orgasms through nipples only as a way to happily end my sessions. I seem to get tense as I am peaking which causes my fingers to lose fine control and either the loss of rhythm, loss of concentration, or just trying too hard gets in the way of going over the edge.

I want to see whats on the other side! Anyone have any advice on pushing through the wall to actually cumming from nipple stimulation alone?? Also open to just hearing others experiences with nipple stimulation to motivate myself and others to keep on playin!



  1. I’m pretty much where you are now with prostate/nipple stimulation. But I want to keep my orgasms dry. That way they’ll continue and there will be no refractory period. The’re pretty strong already with nipple stimulation and aless and sometimes stronger than a aneros session. Sounds like you don’t really need help. You’re pretty much there already. Good job. 👍

  2. I don’t know about ejaculation, but discovering nipple play did help me to get a super O, so I feel you have a lot to look forward to in the future. Good luck!

  3. Questions for you and anyone reading this. How do you massage your nipples. Do you flick do you squeeze do you massage the Brest area?

  4. I wear a tee or a vest whilst doing aneros sessions and that heightens my nipples sensitivity, I don’t seem to enjoy it as much without a clothing item on.

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