Frequency and amount of time

I have had an Aneros for a year or so and used it both solo and with my partner. I masturbate most days and previously have always used it whilst masturbating traditionally. I am reading this sub and it is clear that isn’t the way you can get the most out of this so should you be doing this every day with no porn consistently or once a week or what?

Also for my first time trying the just relax method most of you talk about, how long should it be in? Hours of just laying there seems like a long time?



  1. First off don’t expect results right away. Patience and no expectations helps. An every day session is a little too much. Some people still do it but it can slow down your progress. It can desensitize your prostate. Thus taking your progress backwards. My best progress came from twice a week. Put some days between your sessions. Let your arousal build up. If you abstain from masterbation for a few days that will certainly help. I stopped porn a long time ago and wouldn’t use it in a session. It takes your mind away from the subtle sensations that you’ll eventually start getting. If you’re aroused enough you won’t need it. Another thing, don’t masterbate before or after a session. It’ll just prolong your progress. Ask me why I know . 😕 If you must have a penile orgasm do it on a off day away from your next prostate session. If you can keep them dry all the better. This is based on my experience after 3+ years. Yep I definately would of done some things differently. Good luck.

  2. Actually not long maybe 3 months in to learning prostate massage I decided to stop porn completely. It helped a lot in that I wasn’t distracted and focused on a screen. I was able to completely concentrate on feelings & sensations. It actually helped out a lot. My first actual prostate orgasm was a super O. It was by mistake. After about a month. Only managed to duplicate it one other time a month later from the first one. With no toy. All aless. After about almost a year I could have consistent regular prostate orgasms every session.

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