Super-O and the aftermath

So last night I had my first true Super-O. And it was amazing.
It really is as intense as people have always made it out to be. I thought that I’d had them before, but man I was wrong.

Now all day I’ve been reminiscing over that experience. My body has had involuntary times when my prostate starts to tingle and my muscles start to convulse. It literally happened in a meeting, and if it wasn’t for my face mask hiding my pleasure, idk what I would’ve done.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how often should I expect these random times when my body starts to pleasure itself?



  1. Update…
    I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I went to the bathroom and needed to just enjoy the feeling. The result. I starting getting serious Aless P waves. Just letting it ride, I continued to enjoy. Next thing I know, I’m having an Aless Super-O. (Luckily, no one was in the bathroom at the time). Full on, amazing super-O. I felt like I was traveling through hyper space.
    Unlocking the door to the magic of the prostate is amazing.

  2. Did you do anything new to help you get there? Or did you keep to the same stuff?

  3. Question if you don’t mind, how often did you usually ejaculate during your journey to the super O?

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