Amazing Session

Just now I had an awesome Aneros session! (19m)

No one was home so it was the perfect time for a session. I popped it in, used lesson 3 of Mindgasm to relax, then continued to contract and relax with binaural beats playing. After around 20 minutes, with waves of pelasure, I just began to squirm and moan loudly with intense feelings coming from below, creating a sense of my muscles being asleep. It was AMAZING. I don’t expect this to happen every time from now on, but I still can’t wait for my next session.

(Side note: I’m probably buying the Njoy Purewand in a few weeks, any tips for using that?)


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  1. Excellent… keep up the aneros work… learn how to move it around, up and down…. I found if I laid on my back and sat up to put pressure on my butt & The aneros, I could wiggle and rotate my hips to really get the movement with the aneros… that will really step up your game AND developing nipple play (nipple sensitivity)… using this with aneros movement will get you to PO multi orgasms quickly…be careful with the Pure Wand though, it’s a really good tool but has the tendency to put a tremendous amount of direct pressure in the prostate… your too young to hurt yourself… just take it easy, bcs you can get carried away with this tool… developing you aneros talent initially is most important… Cheers

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