Feeling during / After

Does anyone get that feeling during a session that this feels good / once gets deep into a session start to feel like floating thru space and thinking yeah this is decent.

Then you stop and realise its be 90 minutes and you have no idea where time has gone and you just realise you have basically been floating thru space for an hour and now you realise it was an awesome session? But during the session nothing stands out as omg wow this is mind blowing.

Anyone else feel like this after some sessions?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/pdvqj2/feeling_during_after/


  1. During is overwhelmingly intense – rolling surges of pleasure that just don’t stop.
    After is like crackles of electricity softly rolling up my body for a good 90+ min after removing the Aneros… the afterglow for me usually starts with Strong ALESS Super O’s slowly fading to the aforementioned.. and I just lie there not contracting anything, just softly slowly breathing as time dilates and I feel like I’m loose in my body… it’s difficult to explain but it is truly amazing and I can very easily blow three or four hours in a full on session.
    I don’t know of anything in the pleasure stakes that honestly compares to this.
    This state is for me anyways – utter bliss.
    All hail the afterglow lol..

  2. Short cut could be try popper just know what you are looking for. There some side affect so please research be for you try

  3. for me its at least 2 to 3 hrs…. lets just say the day is short when i have a session

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