Super O session review

Last night I had a super session of about 2 hours of constant floating in bliss… each “session” lasted about 30 minutes then I came out of the trance state.. had some water and went back into it.

A few times the calm seas started to turn into rough seas where I started to tense up and twitch… both times this happend I just took super deep breaths and really tried to relax and was able to turn off the rough seas and into calm pure bliss… its almost as if when rough you are clenching the aneros onto the prostate and building pleasure… when you now release all the pleasure built up leaves the prostate and into the body.

So think as a couple others said here it’s very much mental and learning how to control the pleasure that comes and understanding it (if you can have aless that proves its mental as there is no physical contact on the prostate). 

(Note thus was a thc session so pleasure is already 10x what it is sober)

I made a mental note yesterday to just always relax at the start and always have the aneros at base level doing nothing and tried to just relax non stop anytime I felt any contracting. The pleasure builds slowly and is not so bang bang. And if the pleasure got big I tried to turn it into calm pleasure and not so intense (the buzzing I wanted to be melow and not in your face).

abstinence is very important

To anyone who is struggling on the journey…. I consider myself rewired (have had Aless super Os and could Aless at will)… but will go thru phases where I stop for awhile…..

When I am in the process of not cumming at all…. I can aless anytime… anywhere… turn it off and on at will… sessions are amazing….

As soon as I start to cum alot during the week… I lose all ability to be able to have any Aless feelings / sessions are much worse / have little desire too have them.

So for anyone who can’t quite get over the edge and is struggling… you really have to avoid cumming during your sessions or after… try stick with it for 1 week and see how much better they become…. you might be surprised at the difference it can make.

Different positions…. very different feelings?

Does anyone else get totally different feelings depending on which position they are in?

1. On the back… I find i get a very much deep feeling and often end up with the floating thru space feeling.

2. On the side…. I find i get a very strong penile sensation and more towards the top of the tummy rather then deep inside… rarely get a floating thru space feeling on the side…

Anyone else get totally different feelings and what’s your go too

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Aless super O? Soul sucking feeling?

Had an Aless session yesterday after smoking some weed and the things I felt were like none other.

1. It started off with pulsing in the prostate area and groin. I would start sucking in my tummy and abs and getting huge wave of pleasure that would stay there. But as soon as I realised my abs the pleasure stayed there and did not go. This kept coming and building up higher and higher.

2. I was holding my biceps of each arm with the opposite and it felt like I was travelling thru space…. my arms and hands felt like they were squeezing so tight (but they were barely squeezin) and it felt like the squeeze just kept going and was travelling thru space.

3. Everytime I would feel a feeling of intense pleasure it was like I was running out of breathe but I would hold as long as possible and then gasped for air. But it felt like the feeling never left after each one and just built more. 

4. After awhile my head started to have electric pulses thru it…. it was insane and then my mouth opened up (this bit was scary and I stopped) at a super slow pace… felt like it took 15 minutes to open and then it felt like the energy was rushing out of my body thru my mouth… almost as if it was being sucked out thru space (like in harry potter when the domentors suck out Harry’s soul)… this feeling was incredible but I must say I got scared and stopped it.

Sucking in Abs / Tummy pleasure

Anyone have a feeling of sucking in / tensing your tummy / ab area. It feels good but I feel like I stop breathing and hold my breathe doing it and it gets very exhausting also.

Not sure if its totally wrong and you should be relaxing more.

It’s almost the feeling of a huge wave of pleasure building in the lower abdomen, but then it tries to move above my tummy but then I run out of breath due to not breathing and it goes away.

Anyone had any problems like this and ways to move past it? It definitely is me suckling in my tummy while doing it and pleasure building behind it.

Feeling during / After

Does anyone get that feeling during a session that this feels good / once gets deep into a session start to feel like floating thru space and thinking yeah this is decent.

Then you stop and realise its be 90 minutes and you have no idea where time has gone and you just realise you have basically been floating thru space for an hour and now you realise it was an awesome session? But during the session nothing stands out as omg wow this is mind blowing.

Anyone else feel like this after some sessions?

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