Different positions…. very different feelings?

Does anyone else get totally different feelings depending on which position they are in?

1. On the back… I find i get a very much deep feeling and often end up with the floating thru space feeling.

2. On the side…. I find i get a very strong penile sensation and more towards the top of the tummy rather then deep inside… rarely get a floating thru space feeling on the side…

Anyone else get totally different feelings and what’s your go too

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/qbfr18/different_positions_very_different_feelings/


  1. Stronger feelings on my side, but my back is my go-to so I can use my phone.

    I’m not a smart man.

  2. I get the best pgasm results on my belly – in that position I ramp up quickly to P-Waves and Dry-O’s, sometimes within 5 minutes after insertion, and reliably within 10. Takes me much longer on my back (30 – 45).

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