Is it wrong to finish yourself off?

Hello this is my first post here and I’ve read a lot of comments saying you should not look to “finish” yourself off during a session. I was always told that things varied and it could often be better to play around while the aneros is inserted. Is there some kind of consensus that not cumming leads to bigger and bigger sensations or is it just a YMMV kind of a thing? Thank you so much for any insight or help on the matter.



  1. If you finish yourself off at the end of your session you will always expect it, and expectations are the killer of joy. It’s good to give yourself some “me-time” and enjoy the sensations that the aneros can give you without the pressure or expectation of reaching orgasm.

    Nowadays I don’t really think about whether I am going to finish myself off traditionally as I’m more interested in the sensations I can achieve before that.

  2. I think that when you are new at prostate play it is good advice to not touch your penis as you should really focus on the sensations from your prostate. That I think is a general consensus.

    Once you have more experience and get regular dry orgasms and hopefully a super O, I think it’s ok once in a while to combine p play with regular sex or masturbation. That’s my personal take on the subject, not sure if there’s a consensus on this however.

  3. if you are really in the moment enjoying the orgasmic sensation coursing through your body, u wouldn’t really think about wanting or not wanting to finish off. u would feel so good and content as if this is the best of the best without wanting things to change/improve/more. sometimes the urge to finish off or the urge to refrain from finishing off is the same, they both take us off track from this orgasmic journey. for me i finish off to calm my sexual urges when the orgasmic pleasure is too great and I’m in orgasmic overdrive(usually after a couple of hours of continuos orgasm) and i cant think of anything but only orgasm. sometimes i can just finish a session without finishing off and i will have another session shortly or the next day. so u sort of finishing or not finishing off without having any strong intent/goal/expectation. because the expectation of not finishing off is after all another expectation =)

  4. I decided a while ago I wouldn’t finish my sessions off anymore with a traditional ejaculatory orgasm. It helped my sessions a lot. Now the intensity of the sessions pretty much has me not even thinking of a traditional finish. I’m spent and well satisfied. On my off days I do have a traditional masterbatory session with dry orgasms. So in a way you can have the best of both worlds while keeping them ( prostate play and penile play )separate. This helps progress when you’re new at this. Two sessions a week is good for progress cause you won’t risk desensitizing your prostate. It’s good to put a few days in between your sessions. Also I do not have an ejaculatory orgasm a day or two before a session. This may sound strict in some ways but it’s hardly a sacrifice compared to the mind blowing orgasms you can have in future prostate play sessions. These things have helped me a lot. Especially at 54 years old. After a while you can have prostate orgasms hands free with no toy at all. It’s called Aless. Short for Anerosless or not toy inserted. Good luck. 👍

  5. Yes and no. If it helps, I’d say it is more of an accident. Ruined orgasm would have a potential to start something interesting but achieveing it is not reliable. Playing while inserted can be nice, there’s nothing that says you can’t do it, but it kind of overshadows everything else. So yes, YMMV. Okay if you just want to spice up jerking off. But hey, you can just see for yourself, it’s not like you have only one chance to do it. It’s probably useful to be familiar with how all of that feels. Now finishing itself. There are variables, time being most important and there’s enough evidence for me to believe it doesn’t vary too much between people.

    If you ever masturbated after longer period of time, you have to be aware of the difference in strength. In my teenage years I settled at about once week, there wasn’t so much porn around me that I was tempted to do more. My experience is that once a week was plenty, kind of a middle ground, I could still appreciate just being aroused but not really aware that there’s more. Later I masturbated up to every day, usually every other day, and I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone, regardless of their Aneros attempts. But I started to appreciate the time before finishing more than the climax itself.

    That’s what led me to trying prostate stuff. The frequency made it hard to get anything remotely consistent out of it, not just weaker but just not much to enjoy at all. Up to a point that I found smaller toys and A-less to be as good as any toy I used by that time. It took me like 5 months of experimenting, on and off, tried anything I could think of while still finishing a couple of times a week. I don’t remember if it was by accident or a hunch but I decided to focus on this and not masturbate at all. I didn’t miss it, I felt better than ever, by that time I got fed up with Aneros and pretty much only did A-less which I found more intense when it worked and less hassle when it didn’t. I looked for triggers – in fantasies, in videos and pictures and even stories. Around that time I eventually had the so called super O when I woke up early and lied in bed. A-less. That started entirely different journey for me.

  6. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. If you don’t finish yourself off, the after effect/tingles are better the rest of the day. That said traditional O’s are better with the Aneros in. Just let your body tell you what it needs. If one is still rewiring I agree it’s hands off.

  7. There’s a special type of anal orgasm called a Super-T that accompanies ejaculation. It’s wonderful! But kinda rare. Therefore I recommend capping off a good anal session every now and then with slow stroking, edging your way toward ejac. For me it works best with a large plug like the Progasm. A good trick is to ease the plug out when you’re close, then stroke to finish, and plunge the plug back in as you start to cum!

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