1. Insert the launcher just past ypur inner sphincter and gently push the plunger. You only need lube in your rectum, not up into your colon.

  2. What type of lube? I found that happened with coconut oil but never KY which is water based

  3. You can get rid of it with a bulb douche. I’ve done it and it works. Just use a little bit of warm water and do it like three times and you should be good.

    Oil based lube or coconut oil does not get absorbed by the body, nor does it mix with the water in you, so whatever you put in will come out as oil if you leave it.

    You’re not doing anything wrong, that’s just how coconut oil do.

    Of you can’t be arsed you could try a water-based lube, those don’t generally stick around and come out later as lube like oil does, but they’re a trade-off as they don’t last like oil. Oil lasts until you expel it as you’ve discovered…

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