Advanced Users: How consistent are your Super Os?

I’ve been using the aneros for years and have achieved many Super Os and dry orgasms. The ride is ALWAYS fun. I’ve poured over every aneros wiki article dozens of times.

But here’s my question(s): How consistent can you get? What percentage of your sessions roll into Super Os?

I find that I can always get P-waves. 75% of the time I can get mild Dry Os. 40% of the time I get satisfying Dry Os. I land a Super O only around 10% of the time.

Any tips to getting more consistent? I understand that the path to prostate pleasure isn’t as direct as traditional ejaculation, but I hold out hope that I can master the prostate and find more consistent pleasure along the way.



  1. In my case, with my Aneros, I get pwaves and dry orgasms every session. Super O’s are however rare, maybe 5% of the time. I don’t have a sure recipe to get a super O, they just happen or they don’t. It’s maybe a combination of having the right mindset and physical sensitivity.

    Every session is however very enjoyable even if not always turning into a Super O.

  2. You don’t mention how often is that 10%. If the time between those is like 10 days and then there are others in between, then it sounds pretty good to me.

    I don’t chase it, I often have long breaks and then periods of experimentation with shorter breaks. Especially after long break I can get really strong responses that can be followed by super O on the next day, I feel like there is still room for improvement for me.

  3. I haven’t measured how often I have Super-O’s but I’ve noticed they always take me by surprise.

    However, I can tell when I’m setting up for good strong Dry-O’s, and those are the pre-req for Super-O’s. I know I’m gonna have a great session when I can stay focussed on the gradually building pleasure for an extended period, and I feel my attention creating a positive feedback loop that ramps up the pleasure.

  4. Don’t chase the Super O’s…. When they happen, they happen.. regular PO’s are just fine with me…

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