1. It’s been life changing. I haven’t been able to have sex with my wife for 2 and a half years now and before that sex was once a month (and I would last too long).

    This has been able to keep me sane and focused on getting her back to a place where she will be interested in sex again, while allowing me to explore a sexual process on my own.

    And by “getting her back to a place”, I really mean give her space. Don’t bug her for sexx0rs. Allow her to come to me when she is ready.

    Added bonus is I am now able to truly understand how women approach orgasm as super O’s are very similar to what they experience, which will help me to (when we get back into it) focus my efforts on her with lots of patience.

    Also, if I’m bored sitting somewhere, I can concentrate on my prostate and immediately get good feelings. It’s like I have a super power!

    Finally, the mindfulness I use to meditate on my prostate allows me to also understand my own emotions and process them. If I feel shitty, I can use what I’ve learned as a pick me up.

  2. Agree with Won’t, the only cons for me is finding or making time to enjoy it more often. Sometimes the time I spend on it learning how to get better can be a little off putting. Sometimes I can have a super session and feel a little off kilter due to all fluid expenditures. Recently read something about aftercare should be considered. I love it though kinda wished I would have found this alot sooner.

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