How do you handle the shakes?

I love aneros and have had a handful of Super Os, but I always seem to plateau at body shakes. They are pleasurable but often shift my mind back into striving after tension to achieve more pleasure which, of course, kills the pleasure build.

Any tips on how to deal with shakes? Do you gently suppress them and quiet your body?

Staying in the NOW & Avoiding Fantasy

It’s easy to get ahead of the sensations and fantasize about what the waves of pleasure COULD be like, but this attitude almost always shifts me out of the current pleasures and grinds them to a halt.

Seems like fantasy builds tension which kills relaxation…and the Super O.

How do you stay grounded in the now and avoid being too focused on reaching the Super O?

Nipple Stimulation: please explain!

I’m an experienced aneros user who has never gotten much from nipple play but I want to learn. Sure, it feels nice but eventually I feel stuck. I lightly touch them, circle them and pinch. Eventually, they stop feeling anything.

I’m interested because some users describe their nipples feeling connected to their prostates. The Aneros wiki also talks about them. I’d love any additional tools I can learn in the prostate journey.

To those who swear by nipple stimulation, could you describe your process and how it helps drive arousal?

Dealing with session VOLUME

What do you do about the volume? Any tips on how to have a session in a family house?

I love my aneros, but one obstacle I have is muting the natural volume of building toward a Super O. I have kids and other people in my house. I can’t be yelling and grunting at full volume. The suppression of volume slows my build.

Rarely am I able to get away 100% by myself.

Anyone else struggle with this? Tips?

Advanced Users: How consistent are your Super Os?

I’ve been using the aneros for years and have achieved many Super Os and dry orgasms. The ride is ALWAYS fun. I’ve poured over every aneros wiki article dozens of times.

But here’s my question(s): How consistent can you get? What percentage of your sessions roll into Super Os?

I find that I can always get P-waves. 75% of the time I can get mild Dry Os. 40% of the time I get satisfying Dry Os. I land a Super O only around 10% of the time.

Any tips to getting more consistent? I understand that the path to prostate pleasure isn’t as direct as traditional ejaculation, but I hold out hope that I can master the prostate and find more consistent pleasure along the way.