Nipple Stimulation: please explain!

I’m an experienced aneros user who has never gotten much from nipple play but I want to learn. Sure, it feels nice but eventually I feel stuck. I lightly touch them, circle them and pinch. Eventually, they stop feeling anything.

I’m interested because some users describe their nipples feeling connected to their prostates. The Aneros wiki also talks about them. I’d love any additional tools I can learn in the prostate journey.

To those who swear by nipple stimulation, could you describe your process and how it helps drive arousal?



  1. I had my nipples pierced when I was in my 20s. Although I took the rings out years ago, they maintained their ridiculously amazing sensitivity. Getting body modifications may be a bit extreme but I can say that my nipples have become an important part in self- and partnered play.

    When I or my wife play with my nipples, it’s like electricity goes right to my cock and prostate. It’s almost as if a triangle of pleasure travels down the length of my body. If my wife wants me to cum, she reaches right for my nipples and starts playing. A few minutes later, I explode.

    How do you get to that point? IDK. But man. When they’re sensitive, they’re amazing.

  2. You may want to change your technique. My nipples are very sensitive and will go numb quickly if I stimulate them too hard. Either add lube, decrease pressure, or even try rubbing then through different types of fabric to see what works best.

  3. I love having my nipples played with! Unfortunately, I can’t get the same feeling I do with a partner, but if I have a piece of clothing on, it gets pretty close.

    I also enjoy pain, so I’ll use some suction toys to draw them out and then apply clamps in increasing pressure until they get sore. Then I’ll dial back the pressure a bit and pull on them with the clamps or put a shirt back on and play with them. I’m definitely a sub and this type of simulation is more mental than physical.

  4. I rub mine lightly with my fingertip. It feels amazing when I do it through a t shirt, if I do it straight onto the nipple it isnt as pleasing. So yeah wear a shirt and try it.

  5. My nipples do tingle sometimes when I’m using my Helix. I don’t mess with them though. The few times I did flick them, it sent some strong tingles down by body (I agree with GeneralNJ’s “triangle of pleasure” phrasing) but also it distracted me from my prostate so I mostly ignore my nipples.

  6. If you are experienced with aneros then it’s easy, just apply the same method to nipple play, relax and focus on the sensation and let it spread to your entire body. Find your own method as one aneros method doesn’t fit for all user. Prostate is only one organ that can trigger multiple orgasm or super o. Our skin incl nipple are the largest sex organ

  7. When I get rough with my nipples, it triggers small anal orgasms during anal play.

  8. My wife tells me that she’s never been with a male partner before me that has so sensitive nipples. I’ve always been like that so I have no suggestions to those who wish to increase the sensitivity of their nipples. I just wet my fingers with saliva and rub the center lightly. It definitely helps my prostate starting to buzz.

  9. Everyone is different, when my wife plays with them it feels good . Solo play , not so much for me

  10. I get more “electricity” with my right nipple than with my left. Weird, huh? I am conjecturing it has been a matter of training – that I would just automatically go to the right one without thinking. So lately I have been paying more attention to my left nipple, and it seems to be picking up sensitivity.

  11. 1st read about nipple O’s a few months back and have been experimenting since , They were dead at first and in the last week have basically come to life and give me wonderful sensations when they rub on my shirt while I walk. Its quiet distracting but enjoyable. Mine respond best to a slow circular motion through clothing, juat 10 mins a day has woken them up. I’m going to further “rewire” them and see where it leads.

  12. I prefer to add nipples after a half hour or so.

    I don’t like direct finger to nipple stimulation so I wear a soft medium weigh tshirt when playing. The tshirt keeps the stimulation from numbing or irritating my nipples over time.

    For me I can get great rolling POs going when I completely relax while taking in a deep breath. When. I’m at the top of the breath I relax my entire pelvic area focusing on the PC and rectal areas, then start gently brushing the tips of my nipples 1 to 2 soft brushes per second.

    Waves of pleasure seem to flow rhythmically with the strokes from the tips of my nipples deep into my prostate and then gently radiate out through my pelvis.

    Pure bliss. Often times that pleasure grows and involuntary contractions will begin and orgasm just rolls over and over for several minutes. On a good day I can stop all touching of the nipples for about a half minute and start the ramping up process all over again (and repeat for as long as I like).

    I guess like a lot of this type of new pleasure, it’s subtle at first. Over time it just got better. When my wife starts brushing then during sex the traditional orgasms are wildly intense, and in a couple instances sent me into 5 minutes of continuous non-ejaculatory full body orgasms followed by one and sometimes two intense wet orgasms.

  13. This warms my heart… I thought I was just wasting my breath telling everyone Abt sensitizing and nipple play…thank you all for stressing it’s importance in achieving PO’s… here’s alittle tip you can try if you need help with nipple sensitivity… purchase fenugreek capsules open some and Make a mixture along with some hand cream and lube…. Rub this mixture onto your nipples… and allow the mixture to soak in to your nipples… this really helped me to sensitize & hot wire my nipples… the smell of the mixture isn’t the greatest (smells like maple syrup) but it works!! I warmed up the mixture by running hot water over the container and it helps mixing the ingredients easier… good luck and hope it helps you too! You

  14. If your nipples aren’t really switched on see if you can find some Molly or Amp. Given the subject matter, boofing is the only way.

    Have yourself a sesh all tweaked out and focus on those nips and that bottom spot.

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