1. I’ve been wondering about it too. I use 5ml coconut oil and I think it’s not enough, my Helix Syn is always dry when I remove it and it never moves in and out freely with involuntarys. Pumping 30ml of lube up the old tan track doesnt appeal to me though and would be a deal breaker.

  2. Same problem here, aborted my last ride because my water based lubes dry out on my Helix sys in about 10min, and reapply kills the mood. Willing to try anything.

    Vaseline sounds messy for cleanup, and I always thought it was far too thick. But maybe thick is the trick? Worth a shot!

  3. FWIW I find that the syn models tend to “dry” much faster than the non-syn versions. You could try the plastic ones and use something thicker like KY jelly which seems to stay put for a long time. If you are stuck with the syn for now I would recommend making sure you are clean (use a small bulb enema) and maybe a different lube. For the syn models I use a rather runny water based lube (nooky brand, but I don’t think that matters all that much). And I simply lube the aneros, insert, remove, add a little more lube to the aneros, reinsert and am good to go for a decent while… maybe up to an hour or so before I notice lube issues. “injecting” lube seems to help, but only marginally from my experience so I have stopped it altogether unless I’m going for a particularly long session or something.

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