First Experience with Involuntaries

I’ve (21 m) been using the Helix Syn Trident for about half a year and had my first experience with involuntary contractions today and I want to make a post about it.

I was feeling kind of passively aroused so I decided to go for it just with the intention of experiencing some nice feelings and relaxing for a little bit. I feel like this might have had something to do with what happened, me going into it horny but with an intention to relax.

It started normal for me, just some nice feelings, feeling a little bit like I was floating/relaxing. I normally play around with different contractions while occasionally using the do nothing method and I try to let my body do what feels right. *Normally I lay on my back with my knees bent, feet on the bed, but this time I was fully flat on the bed with just my head on a pillow*.

I started to do a few contractions and the slowly, on and off, became rhythmic with occasional bursts or holds. Every once in a while, I would halfway or one-quarter clench and the helix would “buzz” against my prostate like a vibrator for a moment and when it did I would release a little precum. I have occasionally leaked a tiny bit in the past but never before like this, where I could feel it flow out just a bit.

At this point the contractions were extremely subtle, gentle, and slow. Very slow. But over time they got more intense. The leaking and buzzing moments stopped and as I let my body go the aneros started fully fucking(?) me and bearing down (up?) on my prostate with strong and deep contractions. It would go out, then back in and rub all over the prostate and I had never had this happen before so it felt good but also new and strange. It became relatively fast, the strong contractions happening on a count of 2 (*COMPLETELY new for me*).

As that started to happen, my body started to move with it. My legs, abs, and biceps began to smoothly buck and clench with the device and my hips lifted off the bed a bit too.

Unfortunately at this point I -with some effort- had to reach down and pull the helix out finished myself off the old fashioned way because I was expecting family *very* soon. I know you’re not supposed to do that but I had a lot to do today and didn’t want to leave myself horny and unfocused.

I have had what I would call a mini dry o once (or maybe twice? the other time I was 3/4 asleep) but they were more tingly/floaty while this was heavy and felt like something *else* was actually showing up. I’ve had shaking before too (around the aneros and in my legs) but it was more erratic twitching while this was deeper, rhythmic contractions. I’m super excited to wait a few days and try again!



  1. Sounds like good progress! Shame about the family interruption.

    Involuntaries have been a bit elusive for myself, I’ve had brief periods of… Muscle spasms? Around my bum but never lasting for more than a few seconds. Makes me feel I’m missing something even though I have had good sensations!

  2. I’ve always had involuntarys, right from the start, I can get them going aless to in seconds but no p.o for me yet. I always assumed they were a function of the process and a path to the big O.

  3. It sounds like you’ll be there very soon. Before my first super O, the exact same happened to me, I’d say after two more

    No sure if you do poppers but if you’re looking for the extra push, that’s what you need.

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