Aneros + Foreskin Stimulation = Holy Fuck

Has any uncut guy tried *slowly* (every side) rubbing their retracted [“ridged band”]( area of their foreskin like [this]( or [this]( while simultaneously using their Aneros? I couldn’t stop moaning from the pleasure.

It was by far the most I’ve felt in my life. The foreskin and prostate are the two most underrated parts of a man’s body in terms of sexual pleasure. By far. I barely even touch my bellend when I’m edging or using my Aneros anymore. It isn’t where the fun is. The tip of my foreskin is ***so much more pleasurable*** when properly stimulated vs. the glans. (The two links above literally changed my edging life. omfg.) I can barely find anything about this area online and I’m absolutely shocked it isn’t mentioned almost anywhere. Is it absolutely crazy for anyone else? Am I just imagining things? Why is there so little about it online? Am I the only uncut guy who nearly exclusively touches it when using my *Aneros.*?

For the past two weeks, I’ve obsessed with stimulating the nerves of the foreskin’s ridged band while my Aneros drills me. It’s the most pleasurable and multiorgasmic part of my penis and it converts Aneros edging into something unholy. I worship my cocksnout so much now.

With Aneros and this rabbit hole… I just want to moan and scream in pleasure. I recommend everyone try it and reporrt back.



  1. that’s really interesting

    I’m so excited to try lol tbh I’ve only had orgasms by stimulating the frenulum with one finger, but I just cum and immediately enter refractory period

    As you said, there’s no info, tbh, I’ve been reading about all ways of stimulation for years and the foreskin is always so neglected (I suppose because of the amount of circumcised men in the US) but that’s such a great finding

    Thanks for sharing, I’m gonna start reading more about it and experimenting myself

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