Super O session review

Last night I had a super session of about 2 hours of constant floating in bliss… each “session” lasted about 30 minutes then I came out of the trance state.. had some water and went back into it.

A few times the calm seas started to turn into rough seas where I started to tense up and twitch… both times this happend I just took super deep breaths and really tried to relax and was able to turn off the rough seas and into calm pure bliss… its almost as if when rough you are clenching the aneros onto the prostate and building pleasure… when you now release all the pleasure built up leaves the prostate and into the body.

So think as a couple others said here it’s very much mental and learning how to control the pleasure that comes and understanding it (if you can have aless that proves its mental as there is no physical contact on the prostate). 

(Note thus was a thc session so pleasure is already 10x what it is sober)

I made a mental note yesterday to just always relax at the start and always have the aneros at base level doing nothing and tried to just relax non stop anytime I felt any contracting. The pleasure builds slowly and is not so bang bang. And if the pleasure got big I tried to turn it into calm pleasure and not so intense (the buzzing I wanted to be melow and not in your face).

Once I got deep into the session a huge thing I would say is to just think about the pleasure and not what is happening… don’t think am I contacting… is it moving… who cares what it is doing…. just focus on the pleasure waves.. 

keeping them calm and moving them around your body to where you want them. Once you start thinking about what the aneros is doing… then you lose it. I tried to let the aneros and my body be in charge… not my mind.. so shut my mind off don’t think and just enjoy where it takes me… I am just a passenger on the journey.

So to sum it up… so much is mental.

1. Don’t chase the pleasure let it build super slowly and come to you… there is no rush.
2. Erotic hypnosis really helped on my journey of teaching me to go into a trance like state (at one stage I went to scratch my nose and it felt like it took 10 minutes to move my hand to my face as I was deep in trance / meditative state.
3. Embrace the floating feeling and don’t try and rush it or push it anywhere.
4. If you start to lose it all… stop have some water and catch your breathe… once you get frustrated you have no hope anymore.
5. Don’t think about the feelings in your penis or trying to cum… think behind your penis and inside your tummy. Really try and focus on the small twitches and don’t rush them… let them build.
6. Embrace the floating feeling… sometimes it feels like as your arm or body is floating away… don’t think is it? What’s happening? Just embrace the feeling and don’t think what is happening

Just thought would put some notes on a very successful session in hopes that it could help someone else along the way.

For people who don’t know there is usually 2 types of super O… rough seas and calm seas… rough is when the pleasure is intense and you twitch / move around…. calm is the floating bliss of being in space or in the water… I always try and go for the calm seas.

Ask away if anyone has any questions



  1. I agree with a lot of what you say. For me, the calm/still approach definitely produces more pleasure. Once my limbs start twitching and hips start thrusting, it can be nice but for me it usually diminishes the pleasurable feelings coming from the prostate.

    That “floating” sensation is when my best experiences happen by far. Only happens to me when I’ve had some THC though. I also sometimes get that “drop” in my stomach that happens when your body suddenly relaxes fully (like sometimes when falling asleep). Usually that drop pulls me out of my mindset (it’s almost startling), but sometimes it doesn’t and if I can maintain my relaxed state when this happens, a Super-O is usually not far behind.

    Lately, my prostate has been getting so sensitive that even the Eupho is too much; any pressure directly on the prostate becomes uncomfortable. But I have amazing a-less sessions when this happens, which is kind of nice because a-less means a lot less prep/hassle/cleanup so it’s especially convenient for shorter sessions.

  2. Great post.

    > Erotic hypnosis really helped on my journey of teaching me to go into a trance like state (at one stage I went to scratch my nose and it felt like it took 10 minutes to move my hand to my face as I was deep in trance / meditative state.

    I am curious if there were any erotic hypnosis in particular that gave you good results? A lot is geared towards HFO where they want you to clench, but that’s counterproductive to this.

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