New to all of this. Advice?

So I finally decided to get the Aneros Helix Syn Trident and try out achieving P orgasm but so far I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for there occasionally a warm feeling but nothing intense. I’m kinda disappointed but I understand that this takes time. Should I stop masturbating the good ole fashion way and is it ok to get a vibrating P massager



  1. You can look at this in two different ways as far as masturbation. For me it was good to have this as part of the journey. I found it good to feel penile orgasm with it in. I would say kind of take it slow and edge yourself a bit. Orgasm does feel very good with an Aneros in. After some time I finally fought off the urge to finish myself off. This is when the break through sessions started. I have since given up penile masturbation and only play with my prostate during masturbation. I do think this has helped tremendously, but that’s a point I think you have to reach when you’re ready. Basically you’ll know when it’s time begin the no fapping. Other than that, my advice would be patient, don’t focus on achieving prostate orgasm. This isn’t a goal to achieve, just have fun and enjoy what’s happening. Aneros pleasure does take a little while to progress, but when it does it’s amazing.

  2. > Should I stop masturbating the good ole fashion way

    It can help some people. Try searching this subreddit for the unfortunately coined term “rewire” or “rewiring”. There is plenty of advice but the big thing is to learn how to feel things for yourself and adapt accordingly (which is part of the reason people say to not seek out anything). In general, you will advance faster with your aneros the hornier you are. Traditional orgasms hinder this aspect at the very least.

    > is it ok to get a vibrating P massager

    I would recommend against it. With exception to the Helix Syn V I’ve found that most vibrating toys will quickly numb things and quickly end your session. That said, you can try it out yourself for cheap by grabbing a cheap vibrator and just holding it against the aneros while inserted. Before I got the V I found this was usually pleasurable since you can better control the vibe intensity.

  3. I’m maybe hardly past beginner, but I can feel good from it after an hour, which is usually where I’ll end a session. In my experience I’ve found it can hurt to abstain from orgasm for too long, traditional or not, as it can have a tendency to cause urgency for release or mental irritation regarding no orgasm – which can be distracting. Every other session I’ll cum to allow for that all to subside so the next session I can enter clear-headed and focus on my prostate again. Currently I can cum hands free while it’s in me, although it’s not the Super-O, it’s been an enjoyable process so far! In short, if in any session you get overly anxious to cum where it’s totally distracting, then it’s up to you to either stop or finish that session with an orgasm to allow yourself to be centered the next time around.

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