Can Aneros increase the intensity of traditional orgasms even without the Aneros?

So I have a condition called sexual anhedonia, where I basically feel no sexual pleasure during orgasm or sexual arousal. I developed it after I fell asleep one day in tight pants and woke up with a full erection bent to the side. I’m guessing that something was strained in the perineum.

I’ve been looking into using the Aneros to achieve alternate path to sexual pleasure and maybe to retrain the muscles of the perineum.

Has anyone had success using the Aneros to increase the pleasure of their orgasm even without it, or to treat other forms of sexual dysfunction?



  1. In my opinion, yes, it has done for me. It’s all about focussing on those small sensations that must bring some form of bodily awareness and now orgasms can hit differently for me even when I’m not engaging in prostate play. However, I have no knowledge about your condition and I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering with that. I think it’s good you’re starting to explore other means of pleasure though, as that’ll likely be how you find what works for you with the condition you have. However I wouldn’t put all your stock on prostate play, you should try other forms of stimulation too. Fleshlights, cock vibrators, anything that helps you explore your sexuality and provides different/more intense sensations than usual. Be aware that prostate play is more of a long game thing that requires a lot of patience even for men who have no sexual issues. Good luck with everything!

  2. P-play can increase orgasmic pleasure, tremendously. I would suggest however a butt-plug designed for prostate pleasure over an Aneros.

    Aneros is great if you’re going to work it and try to achieve prostate orgasms, but if you want to increase the sensation from penile orgasms, go with something like an Oxballs Ergo. They stay in during ejaculation much better than an Aneros, which is designed to slip. Aneros will be much more likely to pop out at the moment your body clenches during orgasm.

    Just my two cents.

    Source: I’ve got a couple of Aneros and a bunch of butt plugs and it’s no contest as to which ones stay in better, especially during orgasms.

  3. In general, most people find that yes, prostate play can enhance regular sex. In my case, I don’t use anything like plug or aneros during partnered sex, but I still have way better orgasms now than I did before learning how to have prostate orgasms.

    IMHO part of it is having better control of your pelvic muscles (they also will get stronger). I think the other part is that once “rewired”, your prostate is just more active and sensitive, so it plays a bigger roll in sex in general even when not being directly stimulated.

    Having said that, your situation sounds rather unique and I have no idea if the same would apply. It sounds like you may have nerve damage of some sort, have you spoken to a doctor?

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