A realistic take on the aneros

I have been using the aneros for almost 2 years. You often hear crazy stories on here or the forums about how some people having the greatest orgasms of their life, some of which is true, but a lot of it is over stated. Pleasure is pleasure, but prostate specific pleasure is unique. A true prostate orgasm is dry and its more of an extended plateau of pleasure, whereas wet orgasms go on the penile/ejaculatory pathway side of things.

Some sessions are duds, but most of my sessions are pleasurable, and occasionally I get a session that completely rocks my world.

After my best prostate orgasms, my hands and body are shaking and I feel very stimulated in a euphoric way. I still am horny, but I feel satisfied. They tend to come in waves, but sometimes they are one and done for me. More euphoric and tingly. Tends to be full body

With penile orgasms, I get a spike of of pleasure followed by a refractory period where I feel sort of flat. They are awesome, but its always one and done and I feel like it can sap energy. Relaxing but sedating. Very centered around penis/groin area.

I can have prostate orgasms pretty much daily, but I occasionally take breaks. If I have a penile orgasms multiple days in a row I feel like it takes away some of my energy and sex drive.

I think prostate orgasms are physically more pleasurable, but sometimes its overwhelming and you need to be in the right mindset. Penile orgasms are more reliable, dont take as much time, and sometimes its nice to be able to turn off the sexual thoughts with an ejaculation.

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  1. Yeah, it will sound stupid, but I first really wanted to try an aneros because of some yaoi I read that was half smut, half surprisingly useful tutorial on how to use an aneros. In that, the main character described prostate orgasms as, “60-70% of the pleasure of a regular orgasm, but delivered every few minutes, for minutes on end,” or something close to that.

    I will say I had one of those “BS” experiences where I was having Super-O’s (I think) my third session, but it was definitely not as explosive as a regular orgasm. It was intense in a different way. You sort of feel it all over your body and in your mind, and it leaves you joyful and at peace. It kind of takes “post nut clarity” to the next level.

  2. I’ve never had a super-o but I’ve had p-waves, and for me it’s blissful, Euphoric, and mentally calming.

    It’s also super weird, floaty, tingly, and warm. Heart rate increases, sight numbness in extremities, and a general feeling of peace (probably the dopamine).

    It frickin rules, and while it’s not as powerful as a penile orgasm, it’s better because it’s a new sensation.

    Can’t wait for an actual super-o!

  3. >A true prostate orgasm is dry and its more of an extended plateau of
    pleasure, whereas wet orgasms go on the penile/ejaculatory pathway side
    of things.

    I’m not sure I agree with that. In my case, I always have an ejaculation, but I can definately feel the difference between a penile orgasm and a prostate one.

    Sometimes I will have dry waves of orgasms, but most of the time they are short and I quickly reach the level of super O. This level will keep up for several second of overwhelming plesure during which my body will eventually ejaculate. Even though I sometimes wish I wouldn’t cum, everytime the ejaculation feels like a relief, since I’m often on the verge of loosing control over myself during these intense moments. I must say the ejaculation really feels like something happening *during* the orgasms, while during a penile orgasm, ejaculation comes *with* the orgasm.

  4. When I get the sensation that the aneros is being pulled out while my outer sphingter is pulling in I am close to sinking into a sea of bliss.

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