Hello everyone,
been using an Aneros for quite some time and had a lot of mindblowing results.
looking to try smth new and just want to discuss a bit about techniques.

What works best for me is the “do-nothing” technique either on my back or on my side, with my dick tucked between my legs. With focusing on really keeping all my muscles down there relaxed. sadly i havent been able to progress to a WO or a Super O like this (had some with the njoy before) even tho my ass and prostate spasm a lot like this.

In some guides and videos ive seen people doing kegels, but from my understanding the involuntary spasm of the prostate is what brings the big joy.

so i just wanted to ask what your guys go to technique is?



  1. I think I’ve gotten the most out of trying to use just a little bit of force. The body will naturally want to either relax fully or clench fully, and I think resisting that urge has led to some good involuntaries. Part of my journey has been building up an intuitive sense of what works, so that I can let go a little more and not think so much about technique. It seems a lot of people say the key to going beyond is to get lost in the feelings (whether through meditation, substances, or just focus).

  2. Slowly alternating kegels has gotten me the most consistent results. Go from “trying to hold your pee” to trying to push it out and repeat (again slowly). The kegels will bring on those spasms you mention but it takes a bit to get the mechanics and endurance down.

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