Can’t reach prostate?

Hello. I’ve been trying the aneros for years and very little luck. I decided to start back at square one. I can feel when my aneros touches my prostate but I feel like I need to do more exploration with my hands first. I don’t know if it’s me but is reaching your prostate with a finger difficult? What position do you use? How do you get comfortable in that situation? I can’t seem to reach mine with my finger. I can barely get up to a knuckle and I feel like I’m in a pretzel. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!



  1. I think people believe the prostate is further in than it really is. But it can also be fairly long and might be just out of reach with your fingers alone depending on your prostate location and the length of your fingers. From a study that was done with modern imaging equipment.

    The apex of the prostate – (i.e. closest to the anus) median 5 cm (range 3–7.5 cm). For reference, 5 cm is the width (short side) of a business card. The average male index finger is 7.3 cm long, so a couple knuckles… maybe a bit more to reach the front of your prostate. Yes, it’s possible that you could have a prostate that doesn’t start until 7.5 cm, in which case you couldn’t reach it with an average length index finger, but you *probably* can, and then some. Your aneros is a little over 10 cm in length.

    The base of the prostate – (i.e. closest to the bladder and furthest away from the anus), median 10.3 cm (range 7.3–15.7 cm). For reference, a playing card is just 1 cm short (8.89 cm x 5.71 cm). The average male middle finger is 9.5 cm long. It’s entirely possible to not be able to reach the back of your prostate, but odds are pretty good that you can reach a solid portion of your prostate using your middle and/or index finger.

    Of course, just cause you can get your fingers in contact with your prostate doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to stimulate that way. I’d suggest laying on your side in the fetal position or on your back with your knees to your chest. Reach down between your legs from the front. This should give you the best chance of hitting your prostate with your finger.

    FYI, the prostate measurements above are with with a BMI less than 30.

  2. Okay, if this is tmi, so be it, but it’s easiest to find your prostate with your finger if you’re doggy style and reach your arm UNDER yourself and between your legs. You want to insert your middle finger up to the knuckle and gently curl it in a “come hither” motion.

    In a lot of ways, it’s the exact same as trying to stimulate a woman’s g-spot. You should feel a thin, soft wall of flesh in there that is slightly engorged in one spot. That’s your prostate, and if you gently stroke it you should feel a small amount of pleasure. Be gentle because aggressive stimulation can sometimes numb the prostate Temporarily. Also, make sure your nails are trimmed and not sharp.

    I may be a novice with my aneros, but I know a thing or two about anal sex

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