Aless super O? Soul sucking feeling?

Had an Aless session yesterday after smoking some weed and the things I felt were like none other.

1. It started off with pulsing in the prostate area and groin. I would start sucking in my tummy and abs and getting huge wave of pleasure that would stay there. But as soon as I realised my abs the pleasure stayed there and did not go. This kept coming and building up higher and higher.

2. I was holding my biceps of each arm with the opposite and it felt like I was travelling thru space…. my arms and hands felt like they were squeezing so tight (but they were barely squeezin) and it felt like the squeeze just kept going and was travelling thru space.

3. Everytime I would feel a feeling of intense pleasure it was like I was running out of breathe but I would hold as long as possible and then gasped for air. But it felt like the feeling never left after each one and just built more. 

4. After awhile my head started to have electric pulses thru it…. it was insane and then my mouth opened up (this bit was scary and I stopped) at a super slow pace… felt like it took 15 minutes to open and then it felt like the energy was rushing out of my body thru my mouth… almost as if it was being sucked out thru space (like in harry potter when the domentors suck out Harry’s soul)… this feeling was incredible but I must say I got scared and stopped it.

5. So many amazing feels of just going thru space.

6. I have used the aneros for about 7 months with decent success and pretty sure I am rewired now. I can start an aless feeling with doing 2 small contraction and thinking about it. 

Anyone experienced any of the feelings. Especially 4



  1. All who have mastered achieving the PO’s have felt the same way… that’s the good news… start playing with the nipples, rubbing And playing with them will put you way over the top… congrats

  2. Wait, is this a prostate thing? I get those exact feelings when I use my prostate toys, but I assumed it was because I’m high. Maybe I’ll just do some high mediation and see.

  3. I’ve had similar surreal sensory “distortions” without using weed:
    1. Pulsing before orgasm that felt like a paddlewheel churning in my groin, ratcheting up the pressure to cum.
    2. Feeling like my body is shifting sideways through space.
    3 & 4. On the point of orgasm, my mouth locked open and my breath stopped mid-groan. My mouth and vocal chords stayed frozen in time for what seemed like the first 10 minutes of orgasm. It felt like the orgasm was pulling me through “ego death” to the other side, which was writhing, bed thumping “I don’t care who hears me” pleasure, followed by utterly peaceful bliss.

    (By the way, this wasn’t an Aless experience; I had a Prograsm Jr inside me, after having some Dry-O’s with Helix Syn.)

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