Is the prograsm too big to start?

I’m looking to buy aneros but the cheapest one is a progasm right now, and I knows it not a big difference in price but I’m a bargain hunter.

So is the progasm to big to start with Aneros products? I’m no stranger to prostate play. But does it ruin the progression arc if you start there instead of the helix?



  1. I started small. The Eupho Trident. About finger size. 3 years later this little toy has given me some of my most memorable sessions. Also the MGX & Helix too. My Progasm is ok but doesn’t compare to the others. The Eupho moves really well. Movement for the most part is everything with prostate massage. Bigger isn’t always better.

  2. When I started trying to get prostate orgasms again, after a years-long hiatus, I began with the Progasm because the MGX I had years ago really dug into my perineum. It was uncomfortable, and the thing hardly moved. So, the Progasm got my attention because I figured the ball-shaped p-tab may irritate me less.

    How did it go? Well, I was right about p-tab, but the Progasm was still too big at the time. While I got it in without an issue, it wasn’t that mobile, and I wasn’t rewired enough to get off from the pressure alone. Ultimately, the Helix became the first Aneros to give me good results, though I figured out the Progasm eventually. The Eupho has probably become my fave, though.

  3. I went from a Njoy knockoff directly to the Progasm. I also own an Eupho but I get a fuller feeling with the Progasm and it hits the right spot much better for me. Moving it with my pc muscles is not an issue.

    We’re all a bit different, so it’s kind of a trial and error situation, I’m afraid.

  4. Depends on how much experience you’ve had with sticking things up or playing with your butt. Might start small and work up.

  5. > does it ruin the progression arc if you start there instead of the Helix?

    No, but you don’t have to start with any particular model either. It would only be too big if you have trouble with insertion. That said I’d personally recommend any of the smaller models first since the Progasm is noticeably different than them (easier & faster to start/feel/notice but also doesn’t peak as higher). Size isn’t everything with these, it’s about movement and dexterity. If it was Progasm or nothing though, I’d say go for it and keep an eye out for a sale on another model.

    RE: bargains, not sure where you are located but lovehoney often has aneros sales, so wait for one of those and you can stack a new-customer/email list coupon for a considerable overall discount. I got my Tempo for ~$40 that way.

  6. The fully packed feel of Progasm is a pleasure in itself, but movement is key to getting prostate orgasms, and thinner plugs like Euopho and Helix Trident move a LOT more.

    The cheapest way to start is Peridise. You might think they’re too small, but they do a great job, especially if you really pay close attention to the sensations and direct your attention in sequence to the rosebud, (outer sphincter), inner sphincter, PC muscle and “prostate jockstrap” (levator ani muscle in the pelvic floor).

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