1. I tried it for 3 sessions. But honestly it aint worth it. It gives you a warm rush that fakes the real thing. I have beter results without poppers and just vaping weed.

    Also the risk of eye damage and brain damage aint worth it.

    If you want to try poppers, get amyl butyl poppers. amyl butyl doenst effect your eyes.
    i orderd some ilegaly from [https://www.popperpalace.com/](https://www.popperpalace.com/) , double scorpio emerald (butyl) if your in the EU that is.

  2. I use poppers with excellent results. Fresh bottles work best. They loose potency over time. Keep in the refrigerator. Use the sock method or sippy cup method for stronger hits than from the bottle. First couple of hits have the best results.

  3. If you can find tallanerosuser tutorial. The do two screen with on of his video and karpos music. You will reach higher places

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