Had my first and multiple Super-O’s yesterday.

Holy shit that’s a lot of pleasure. I ended up having 4-5 of them and the 3rd one was absolutely massive, making my hips buck and shooting my ass into the air. I also had like 15+ p-orgasms.

What really took me over the edge, for the 1st one, was playing with my nipples (they’re really important, at least for me) and remembering to let my body do what it wants, while still staying relaxed and aroused. This made the pleasure build extremely fast and made my body shake, but I was already at an hour into my session at that point, and very aroused.

The crazy thing is I didn’t even plan on having a session. I had a cleaner than expected bowel movement, and was feeling a little aroused so I went for it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/pk7i4b/had_my_first_and_multiple_superos_yesterday/


  1. Aneros Model?
    Position? Legs bent or flat?
    How long into the session did it take for your first super o?

  2. Congratulations – I like reading first Super O or first PGASM posts.
    Enjoy and I hope you have many more of them.

  3. I’ve never been interested in nipple play but I’ve been trying it recently. It’s a fantastic arousal enhancer.

    I’m out of practice with the Aneros, so I haven’t had that many orgasms with it so far. Nipples stimulation brings me really close to the edge. It’s like I’m brimming with sexual energy. The intensity makes it difficult to relax. It makes me want to do anything to cum. But mind over matter right?

  4. When I first super orgasmed, I also just decided to play around with mine on a whim. I think that lack of expecting anything can help. If I get too horny before, I push myself too hard. It’s better to just stay as relaxed as possible for me

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