Has anyone seen stars or got blurry vision during a session?

I’ve read on the aneros wiki of people saying they have optic activity, and have seen colors flashing. I have also read once of someone saying that their vision went blurry fast when things became intense. Has anyone had this before? Was it when you were getting close if you have?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/pgoaq8/has_anyone_seen_stars_or_got_blurry_vision_during/


  1. I normally get very strange coloured shapes in my vision. Really vivid, primary colours in like a big trippy, pulsing circular shape. I put it down to the straining I had in my face and head, now I’ve managed to relax and control my breathing they dont really happen as much.
    I’ve not had a P.o yet fyi but feel I’m getting closer.

  2. Yeah… I might be going blurry… but I keep beating it… that’s probably your problem, lol… just saying..

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